4 things that you must know about DTG printing!

In this era of modernization, you will get lot of options when it comes to creating custom T-shirts. And while heaps of methods work fine, you will find a large number of people who are fans of Direct to Garment printing (DTG). It not only allows for extensive color alternatives, feature, and an easily customizable design, but it also needs a nominal upfront investment. DTG printers make it simple to print designs in small batches. Would you like to know more? Read on for these 4 things about DTG printing.


The latest form of printing!

It is true that screen printing has been around for many decades, but DTG Printing has just made its way in. Actually, Direct to Garment printing only started in the early 2000s and is these days it is just betting a toehold, which also proves that at present is the best time to get caught up with it.  You must be wondering - what is the need for this switch from screen printing to DTG printing? Well, a lot of people prefer DTG printing since it’s easier to print on large as well as small orders.


Makes things simpler!

DTG printing is not complicated at all. You just simply need to load an image into a computer, put the garment in the DTG printer, and push the button to start. However, if you’re new to the business, make sure to allow yourself a bit of time to practice.  Once you conquer the minor learning curve, you will rapidly realize that DTG printing is a lot easier than screen printing.


Garment quality is Key!

The nature of the article of clothing is especially critical. For the best quality print, you need to utilize a shirt with a tight-weave, smooth print surface– you need as meager "fluff" or stray yarn as could be expected under the circumstances. The majority of our cotton is 100% brushed and ring-spun, making it the best surface accessible for DTG printing (read up on the contrasts between kinds of cotton here). In the event that you attempt and cut corners here by utilizing a less expensive, checked cotton, you'll wind up spending more on DTG pretreatment solutions and ink and will wind up with a sub-par coming about print.


Pretreatment required for dark garments!

With regards to DTG printers, printing on light shirts is simpler than darks. In case you're utilizing a dim shirt, DTG pretreatment solutions are required, which implies you need to pretreat the shirt, warm press it, print the picture, at that point warm press it once more. All things considered, in case you're stuck on utilizing dull shirts, there are pretreatment machines that will really do the majority of the work for you.

There's no uncertainty about it – direct to an article of clothing printing with white ink has reformed the custom attire industry. With their minimized setups and easy to understand forms, DTG printers give a piece of clothing decorators the capacity to make lively T-shirts in merely minutes.

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